Good news for Birdsong Books

The cockatiels and conure sing happily this morning as I report good news for Birdsong Books. I’m happy to say that art juries on both sides of the Ohio River have accepted my handmade books. Last year, I was honored to be accepted as an Exhibiting Member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. The Guild allowed me to apply since I live within 50 miles of the state line. Actually, I can see Kentucky hills from the window as I type my blog. Most likely, I’m only a half-mile or so from the river.

But I am a Hoosier, and a “lifer,” at that. My father made sure that I have a life membership in the “Indiana Society of Pioneers.” My family goes back that far. So, this spring I applied to the Indiana Artisan Program. Late yesterday, I got an email from Eric Freeman to say “congratulations” and tell me “The Indiana Artisan art jury panel thought your work was exceptional, which probably is no surprise to you. It is now part of the Indiana Artisan brand, and we will use it to demonstrate the art, fine crafts and foods coming from Indiana today.”

On the heels of the email from the Indiana Artisan program came another email from Georgie Kelly, of the Madison Chautauqua, saying, “Welcome! I just got the jury panel’s decision! You have been accepted for the 2015 Madison Chautauqua.”

The cats look in the window expectantly, as breakfast is overdue. Abby, my Aussie, stays loyally at my feet under the desk. Yesterday I finished three new books, but there’s lots to do this summer to get ready for my first Madison Chautauqua, the Fall Fair at Berea, and the Indiana Artisan Marketplace in November!