Textiles Information

Silk scarves with batik designs inspired by Yoruba, Nigerian, techniques or delicate Shibori designs from Japan. Cotton and silk banners, table runners, pillows and silk ties. All are new products as Birdsong Book Arts explores the traditional techniques in the world of textiles.


Yoruba patterning is done by layering batik patterns used in Yoruba, Nigeria. In addition to hot wax and dyes, this exploration includes recycled materials and handcrafted stamps made in the Sea Islands and internationally. As in many cultures, indigo blue is the final dye color, which honors the ancestral spirit. All beeswax used in Birdsong batik is provided by local Jefferson County, Ind., bees.


Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that dates from the 8th century. It produces delicately patterned cloth by hand stitching, folding, tying and dyeing. Some of the shibori techniques include arashi (pole wrapping), mokume (stitching and scrunching), itajimi (folding and binding), kumo (wrapping around stones), and more.